Seeking amature women Brookings

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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress. Learn more. Yon must an swer neither to my father nor myself, but to your honor and your God. She glanced up, half-startled, but only to utter a ery of welcome, as.

Petcrs fcsjgg[ burg? Tell me her name! Only that morning he had arrived at St. Fe Msburg. For months he had striven to find her. Since she had left her house on the morning of the trngvdy—the know ledge of which bad fallea upon him with sickening force—he could gaiu uo clue to her. Sometimes he. He had no need to ask who had fired the shot which had so nearly proved fatal to Louis Gervase's life, so wholly fatal to his beauty; but he felt that her sorrow bad maddened her.

Seeking amature women Brookings

His loyal love had never wavered. He still longed to give her its shelter and the protection of his name But what was her life, here? And how had she come by the wealth which rumor said she so lavishly squandered? Except that she was reeklewdy throw ing away the patrimony left her by her I father, lie knew of no Other means.

It cook! He louged to tee her; yet ail these hours had passed and he had made no effort to seek her. Suppose he again should be wrong? Bet ter far the suspense, the. She would be ab i'. It was not the formal room of oemmony. A few works of art were suspended from the exquis ttely-patnted eel'lng. The light was too dim to fitly study P them, but Arkwright strayed from one to another, hoping to find some to satisfy him ns to the Identity of Mari awe Florence with Florence Vane.

This was all; hut he knew now that when the mistress of that room entered It, his eyes would be gladdened by the sight of Florence Vane. But how had she learned of her sis ters death It had appeared la no En Seeking amature women Brookings paper.

The room had lost all further Inter est. Ha threw himself In a great arm choir, half in the shadow, and sat wait log. He felt no Impatience. He had found her. Sooner or later she must come. Somewhere near a clock musically chimed the passage of time. He hoarc, but took no heed of Its record. Florence Vane was not alone. Some one had entered with her. Evidently the had not been apprised of his pres ence. The lackey had forgotten, or sleepily failed in bis duty, for, Just In side the door, the two paused. He euteml your your box to-night a though 1, not he, were the intruder.

I a priice, and be, a stripling!

Seeking amature women Brookings

Almost I forgot my prom ise to be calm for your dear sake. Have patience with hltn, and do not blame him that he loves me. Promise me that? Will you not accept the eoronet I offer you, and thus give mo the open right, fittingly to rebuke such audadty?

But you are not. She cast no single glance toward the corner where Arkwright had risen from his chair and stood awaiting her; but, crossing the floor, stopped before the picture of the cross, and a long, low sigh trembled on the air. The room seemed filled with the at mosphere of her beauty. His eyes dwelt on her exquisite grace as she stood there.

Seeking amature women Brookings

The wrap had fallen from her bare shoulders, and their whiteness gleamed the whiter against the blue velvet of ter gown. For a few moments no sound broke the stillness, save that he fancied that he heard the beating of her heart and is own. It was but a whisper, but she turned as If a thunderbolt had fallen to rouse her front her calm—turned and saw him standing with the lovellgbt on his eyes and In his face.

One little, glad cry escaped her, al though she grew very pale.

Seeking amature women Brookings

How did you And me out? Must I tell you how glad In spoken words?

Seeking amature women Brookings

Aye, glad, even though he comes to me out of the shadow of a past whose grave 1 have left unmarked by any stone. Do not attempt to resurrect either.

Seeking amature women Brookings

Here In Bt. Peters burg I am Madame Florence. I forgot that necessarily you must have been forced Into the role of eavesdropper. His dream was vain; but I let him dream on. For me la neither love or mar riage. I owe the world a debt and I must pay it. But to-morrow I may come, Florence?

We shall not be alone, and I shall be Madame Florence. I may trust you not to forget that? On a finger gleamed a Seeking amature women Brookings and almost priceless sapphire, graven with Seeking amature women Brookings crest. It was a hand whose touch you would Instinctively feel might be re plete with infinite tenderness, but nev er that its strength be merciless.

Instinctively you looked towanl the face. You shuddered as you looked. It was Louis Oervase who thus sat alone and shunned the light of day. As well look for generosity in the savage tiger crouching for the spring and greedy for Its prey. Hide yourself In what quar ter of the globe yon will, my lady, you and l shall meet again. With ail his faults, Louis Gerva. A light lap sounded on the door. The next moment a vaJet. M'ith noiseless tread, entered the apartment. His master turned his head, and, as he did so, one saM' that the disfigure ment was on one side only of his face.

The other represented him as he wao— as he had been—a man whose beauty had been his bane. Quickly taking from the table a black bandage, he adjusted It so that the dis figurement was wholly hid, and thus he still might whisper his sweet noth ings In a woman's ear; and she, not knowing what was concealed beneath tbat pitying mask, might have yielded to the old.

But for one long year this man hod seen no woman. Since the countess had penned him her farewell, he had made no effort to woo or win. He had lived on his past and brooded over his future. Kudoiph is below, sir, and would like to see you. His waiting was not long; but the man who opened the door at last, with an almost stealthy movement, resem bled far more a brother-cat than the poor victim. Small mercy might the mouse look for with two such wary watchers, whose patience would be as untiring as their vengeance would be merciless.

For answer, he laid a warning flncet on hi lips, and deliberately turned the key in the lock, then drew a ohalr elo e beside his questioner, and seated him self with easy familiarity, before he broke the silence.

Seeking amature women Brookings

Louis Gervase was not oue ordinarily to brook faiuliinrity, even from an equal, and an Instantaneous glance on ly was necessary to see that his com panion sprang from the lower walks of life.

Seeking amature women Brookings

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