Amsterdam club sex

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Locals and city-breakers alike walk between the two or board cruises along the canal-side Stadhouderskade, oblivious to the existence of Club BonTon. Accessed through a nondescript entrance next to an art supplies store, the club fades into the background. It is primarily a high-end strip club with a nightclub-like atmosphere, but paid-for sex can be sought by its clients.

This is something Club BonTon is trying to change. Maybe they think the girls are not looked after at the places where they work. Actually the government checks us every six weeks. They come in to make sure the girls are okay, and they talk with them.

If a girl comes to work for us, I talk with her for 90 minutes, sometimes two hours, just to see how she is and if she really wants to do it. You can go to the Red Light District, and look at the girls like they are monkeys. They wanted to know about the industry, and they asked whether a girl would like to talk about her experience.

They were telling me afterward that they were thinking so differently about sex work and Amsterdam club sex their whole mind had changed. It often takes a while for the crowd to warm up, but gradually their defenses are maneuvered by an open, two-way conversation.

Have you ever had feelings for a client? Can you say no? Have you had famous clients? How long do you stay with a client? Do you always feel safe? How does it affect your personal life? Why did you start? Why did you stop? It empowers them. For me, then, the circle is complete. Being open is how perspectives can change. The idea of sex work being empowering is echoed by BonTon guide, Jennifer. The Amsterdammer has worked in clubs and as an escort for eight years before moving away from the industry in It was a bit strange at the beginning to tell my story.

I have no problem being open about my past, everyone I know and care about knows that I worked. Amsterdam club sex can see it when they come in — you feel their energy. In your mind, a sex worker is a certain type. And then the story comes.

Amsterdam club sex

The majority of Tour de BonTon guests, she says, have a narrow, distorted view of sex work in the Netherlands and the industry as a whole. They think we have to walk into a room, lie on the bed, and let the client do whatever. I looked at her in a state of shock.

We know how to use our sensuality to get what we want. Which is also fine! The girls there do their thing. They like the exposure, they like flirting with clients who walk by.

Amsterdam club sex

Choice is a recurring theme when discussing the industry — the choice to be a part of it and the choice to leave. They can get used to it. Then we have the tours instead. But provision for sex workers, and the strict rules and regulations which allow Amsterdam club sex a cleaner industry are not the only side of this complex world. A quick look at statistics surrounding the world sex trade highlights the damning reality for millions of women around the globe. He had the opposite experience.

Women who were treated badly, their passports were taken. I was glad that he came. It was good to hear about his experience. We have a website that is curated for sex workers. They highlight every branch of this industry.

They give so much information to the girls, and that makes it way safer. There were a lot of pimps running the Red Light District. Now, everyone has to register. You need your papers to work. You need to pay the right taxes. Liam is a London-born writer who recently escaped Brexit Britain. All Christmas Easter Halloween. July 14, Reading Time: 10min read. Its location has been home to brothels for most of the last 60 years, but the vision for BonTon Club, which opened in Aprilwas different. BonTon Club is located at Stadhouderskade 64, a 19th-century Dutch mansion house.

Visitors listen get the real story of life working in an Amsterdam sex club. Tour de BonTon guide, Jennifer, talks about her experiences in the sex industry.

Amsterdam club sex

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Amsterdam club sex

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Tour de BonTon: The Amsterdam Sex Club Bringing the Industry Out From the Shadows