Tall funny want a sweetheart

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Tall funny want a sweetheart

The occasional man has been dubbed America's sweetheart, too, but the moniker has never quite defined famous men the way it has defined a certain genre of female celebrity. Here are nine people who have been called "America's sweetheart" in the past.

Mary Pickford —perhaps the most iconic actress of the Silent Era and a founder of Hollywood institutions like the United Artists studio and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences—was the first to hold the unofficial title of "America's Sweetheart," a nickname reportedly given to her by influential theater owner David Grauman.

The title would later be used in ad copy for her films and by magazines writing about her work. In a feature in Photoplay magazine called " Women I Have Loved ," actor Elliott Dexter, in enumerating all of the actresses who had served as his on-screen love interests, wrote that "Mary Pickford absolutely captivated me as she does everyone who goes near her.

Tall funny want a sweetheart

Her genius, her brilliancy, her charm, her beauty—oh, what's the use? All of that has only been said two or three thousand times more or less and all of it is true. To give you an idea of her comparative clout, she received top billing, while his name didn't appear on the film's poster at all.

She was funny and sad, tough and vulnerable, innocent and ingenious, and she always won out in the end. Oddly enough, Pickford proved that you didn't need to be from the U. The dimpled, ringlet-sporting Depression-er actor was famous by the time she was 6, singing and tap-dancing her way through more than 40 films before she retired from the pictures at the ripe age of 22 and selling millions of dolls in her likeness to American children in the process. As an adult, she went on to become a U. The title of America's sweetheart stuck with Temple throughout her life. When Fox released box sets of her complete works on DVD in the early s, the studio called them the America's Sweetheart collection.

She went on to appear in multiple movies a year throughout the s and had several hit songs on the Billboard charts. Unfortunately, Reynolds's position as America's sweetheart was often juxtaposed with the sex-symbol status of her close friend Elizabeth Taylor.

Tall funny want a sweetheart

Reynolds's husband Eddie Fisher himself an American sweetheart divorced her to marry Taylor ina scandal that garnered tremendous media coverage at the time and still appears in headlines today. Reynolds died in lateand nearly every obituary referenced her years as America's sweetheart.

In the s, Mary Tyler Moore took over the title of America's sweetheart—though there was often a caveat. Moore became a household name in the early s while playing Laura Petrie on The Dick Van Dyke Show and went on to star in her own eponymous show between and Both Esquire and Rolling Stone labeled her "America's sweetheart' in cover stories in andrespectively.

And yet, America can't focus on one sweetheart for too long. Already, her title was already at risk of being passed off to someone else. Not all of America's sweethearts have been actresses.

Tall funny want a sweetheart

Olympic runner Mary Decker occasionally donned the label in the s, too, as did tennis star Chris Evert and swimmer Janet Evans. Just about every successful female athlete of the s was at one point deemed to be America's sweetheart. The trope continues today, too—more recent Olympic gymnasts like Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas, and Aly Raisman have all been called America's sweethearts, too.

In one typical article of the time, a Detroit Free Press story in called Ryan "she of the giggle in the voice and the sparkle in the eye.

Tall funny want a sweetheart

If there's one rule to being America's sweetheart, it's that you have to keep your image scandal free—extramarital affairs are definitely not allowed. Though she has been out of the spotlight for several years, Ryan recently discussed her time as America's sweetheart with Gwyneth Paltrow at a Goop conference, saying she never liked the title. It's a label. And what can a label do but guess at you? Julia Roberts got her start in Hollywood with films like Mystic Pizza and Steel Magnolias and became a true international star when Pretty Woman came out in But she was soon back on top—after My Best Friend's Wedding came out inthe Orlando Sentinel wrote that she "hardly seems ready to relinquish her title as America's Sweetheart.

Anyone with a few hit romantic comedies under their belt is sure to become America's sweetheart, and Sandra Bullock was no exception. Bullock made her name starring as the plucky heroine in movies like While You Were Sleepingbut when she tried to stretch her dramatic legs, she wasn't quite so beloved. Bullock wasn't particularly invested in being America's sweetheart, however, and she certainly understood the rules of the game. Even more fool-proof than romantic comedies, the quickest way to become America's sweetheart is to link up with another Tall funny want a sweetheart celebrity.

While Jennifer Aniston hit sweetheart status thanks to the massive popularity of her character on Friends —one Entertainment Weekly labeled as a Top 10 greatest pop-culture characters of the last 20 years in —her romance with noted Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt definitely sealed the deal. When that ended inshe got to keep the title, except she became "America's jilted sweetheart" compared to the "superhumanly sensual" Angelina Jolieas a writer from The Arizona Republic called her in Another rule for these superfluous titles?

Women must be pitted against each other, whether they like it or not. Even though Aniston no longer appears in our homes every Thursday night as she did during her run on Friendsshe'll always be the country's sweetheart for many. BY Shaunacy Ferro. Hulton Archive, Getty Images. Keystone, Getty Images.

Tall funny want a sweetheart

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Tall funny want a sweetheart

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9 People Who Have Been Called America's Sweetheart