Naughty wives want real sex Sweden

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Here, Swedish match-maker and dating coach Asa Baav34, who is based in London, explains why she believes the British need to adopt the Scandi way between the sheets. We need to do more to break down the taboos around female pleasure and sex in general. Put simply, we think of sex as being part of life, not something secret and naughty that happens behind locked doors and closed curtains.

We like variation. My dating agency, Tailor Matched, is the first in the world to match people on their sexual preferences, rather than just their hobbies. Put simply, our approach to sex is as cool as an Ikea showhome. And telling your partner what turns you on can be super-hot, enhancing the chances of orgasm for both of you.

Of course, sharing such intimacies can make you feel vulnerable, but sexual confidence is contagious. The more you do it, the more confident you will become. We love seafood, especially crayfish, which is packed with zinc and is a natural aphrodisiac. We enjoy hiking and swimming in lakes. Sex parties are great for curious singletons or couples. No one is pressured to do anything and there are strict rules so no one can touch you without your permission.

But ethical, feminist porn is fabulous. Her X-rated movies focus on female pleasure, show equal male and female nudity and cover a wide range of sexual fantasies. Porn can be a great way to discover what turns you on, and it opens up a conversation about what you both might want to try in the bedroom. TANTRA teachings have helped me to explore my body and connect sexually and emotionally with myself, as well as my partner. Nothing kills the mood more than scrambling around in the Naughty wives want real sex Sweden of the moment. We are very forward thinking in Sweden and open to hypno-therapy, so I knew the process would be beneficial.

Naughty wives want real sex Sweden

I love going to nudist beaches and practising naked yoga. But if that sounds a bit too much to begin with, practise walking around your house — and garden — in the buff. WE Scandis believe the garden is our special space to bare all, and the perfect place to sunbathe your yoni — or female sex organs.

Lie on the floor, open the curtains and strip off below the waist — or even better, get naked.

Naughty wives want real sex Sweden

It is possible to have a cosmic orgasm doing this, but as little as 15 minutes a day will help lift your mood. But back home, sober sex is the norm — and is preferred.

Naughty wives want real sex Sweden

There has been a huge trend in Sweden for non-alcoholic beer and wine. But since I came to England inthe fact that I was blonde and Swedish never failed to get a nudge-nudge response. I never understood it. The whole approach to sex therefore becomes a very familiar one. Orgasm is a magnificent sensation and sex is good for the body, mind and soul. in. All Football. Fabulous Relationships Georgette Culley. Most read in Fabulous. Viral maths problem leaves people stumped so can YOU work out the answer?

To that end, they have the right attitude. Sex should not be shameful, but celebrated.

Naughty wives want real sex Sweden Naughty wives want real sex Sweden

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